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26 Wonderful Weird Buildings From Around The World

We can see many different kinds of changes in the span of time from the past to today. Food drink and accommodation and clothing take a major place among these. When we talk about accommodation, we know that instead of houses at that time, small huts were made using leaves. They have slowly begun to change and today, instead, housing buildings can be seen in many forms.

Take a look at the photos below and you will understand what we mean, and don’t forget to leave your idea below.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s strangest structures, courtesy of Reddit.

#1 Hang Nga’s “Crazy House” In Dalat, Vietnam

#2 France Built 1347

#3 Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

#4 Sanaa, Yemen


#6 Colin’s Barn, Chedglow, England – More Details In Comments

#7 Office In The Woods Near Madrid, Spain

#8 Peles Castle, Romania

#9 Hole House Or Villa Vals, Switzerland

#10 Winning Design For Shenzhen’s Natural History Museum

#11 “Flintstone House,” Declared “Public Nuisance,” Now Allowed To Keep Colorful

#12 Alpine Refuge From World War I Located At 2760 Meters, Monte Cristallo, Italy

#13 Unzipped Building. Milano, Italy

#14 Hallgrímskirkja: Lutheran Church In Reykjavík, Iceland. Commissioned In 1937 And Completed In 1986.

#15 This Pub Was Completed In 1765 Was Built On Top Of A Mine Shaft And Over Time It Sank On One Side. Getting In Sober Is A Challenge, And Even Harder Getting Out Drunk

#16 Fallen Star

#17 This Single-Family House In Bayview.

#18 Only Surviving Photo Of A Hoarder House Demolished Around 2007 In Nagoya, Japan

#19 Former Us Listening Station In Berlin, Germany

#20 Energy Organic House Design With Wild Slate Roof In Germany

#21 Container House In The Desert

#22 Mogno, Switzerland

#23 L’ile Fllottante (Abidjan, Ivory Coast)

#24 The Iron Fountain – Gyumri, Armenia

#25 King Alfred’s Tower In England, Built In 1772

#26 Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki, Finland




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