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A Few Days Before The End Of The “Dream” Vacation, The Brazilian Influencer And His Dog Passes Away

In 2017, the Duo traveled 52,000 miles in their 1978 Volkswagen Beetle and they traveled to 17 countries.

But their ending was not a happy ending because, on Sunday Morning in the city of Selma, Oregon, a Ford Escape collided with each other, shattering the hearts of Jesse and Shurastey, and the fans who love them so much forever.

So if you visit the past picture of this pair on his Instagram feed, you will understand. The two of them look at the shimmering golden gate bridge of san Francisco. They have never forgotten their fans where they are. For they always shared their beautiful memories, and win fanic hearts.





















The Place Where Car Crash Scene And Jesse And His Pup Pronounced As Dead


May They Both Rest In Peace, Together, As Always



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