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Contemporary Artists Inspired By Nature

There are too many natural wonders that always surprise me. Take the moment to look around and the world keeping The phone aside Then you can find enough beauty and wonder on the earth. Mother nature creates our world to make us feel grateful for everything Then you can see The world beyond the phone with your eyes. So take advantage of time.

There is a person, who creates the world so that you can create amazing Things with nothing but nature. He is Kanya Tamas in Hungary.

Some people find their happiness differently than others. Kanya Tamas Is one of that people in the world. He takes Time out of his day to enjoy nature by The river bark that is beside his house in Budapest.

He enjoys creating The creative process that includes gathering materials on his walk down to the rivet Danube He only uses naturally occurring Seasonal items plants, flowers, seeds, acorns, pinecones, shells, pebbles, etc.

Tamas create Mandalas which are neatly and artistically made arrangements. He made this item by using natural elements. At present, the art of it has spread over, many other industries such as painting, textile, tattooing, and more. The special fact is Tamas uses what he discovers on the river bank to create his mandalas. Therefore, he realizes different things every time.

This is a meditative relaxing hobby In a beautiful cantonment and it gives us the joy to spend time there.

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