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How Are Angler Fish Adapted To Their Environment?

Here are Some facts regarding the life of anglerfish and their sex habits. Anglers are named for their type of fishing for their prey. they are named for their highly modified dorsal fin spines That they used to lure prey. Few species engage in sexual parasitism.

Normally dark grey to dark brown in color they have huge heads and anonymous crescent-shaped mouths filled with sharp and translucent teeth. They have huge mouths and needle-like teeth To help capture and swallow Anything that moves. Anglerfish live in Depth in the complete absence of sunlight. Females up anglerfish ah the large And males are very small and are not predatory.

Some species s of anglerfish males find a female and latch on to her for the rest of its life.
This is one goal in anglerfish. The male fish will bite into her flesh and become fused to the
body of the angler female fish. Male fish provides is sperm for the female on demand by losing Their own Organs. (eyes, internal organs). but female anglerfish can collect more than one male.

A special fact is Male anglerfish cannot even feed Themselves. Some anglerfish do not become fuses for life. The female eggs are fertilized and the male seeks out another mate.
People are not eating deep-sea anglerfish. And they do have no evidence that has any
negative effect on their population. but a special fact is any changes to the environment
deep-sea, could threaten this fish species.


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