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Makeup Artist Creates Mind-blowing Optical Illusion Art Her Face

Art comes in many forms and styles and makeup is one of those art forms. The difference with psychoanalytic makeup is that it is done on a person rather than a canvas. The main use of makeup is that people usually use makeup to enhance and enhance their appearance. But it is an art in itself, and besides, it can also be used to create contemporary art.

If you are going to create art on a face, it might get a bit tricky since a face does not have a flat surface as the usual art canvases do. But it did not stop this Optical Illusion Art. Meet this awesome artist who goes by her name Mimi Choi on social media. She is popular for the stunning Optical Illusion Art she does on her face.

These artworks are not basic color plays, they are more optical illusions and abstract art. She artfully executes art by utilizing facial structure. The first glance anyone takes at her work will leave them spellbound. And these features have helped her to create a large audience for herself in a short span of time on social media.

Scroll down the list below and let us know what you think about Mimi Choi’s work in the comments section.

More info & Photo Courtesy: Mimi Choi |  website

#1 Mind-blowing Optical Illusion Art

























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