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Nature Helps To The Artist Finish His Own Paper Cutouts

Nikolai Tolsty carefully collaborates with Mother Nature to create artwork with an all-natural twist. Using paper as his medium, the artist carves out a sleek animal form on each sheet before photographing it overlaid on the landscape around him.

Tolstoy’s work also displays the effectiveness of contrast. The harsh lines of the paper silhouettes contrast with the luscious textures of the landscape, emphasizing the artist’s vision. Therefore, Tolsty’s modest effort is to capture the myriad shapes and forms of beauty that pervade the world around us.

Papercutting has been performed as an art form in China since at least the sixth century. However, this craft did not reach Europe until the 16th or 17th centuries. While this may appear to be contemporary, keep in mind that paper manufacturing only began in Europe in the 10th century!

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