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Straight Man In Heels And Skirts, Shatters Gender Stereotypes

Traditionally, blue and pink have been linked with boys and girls, respectively. Women wear skirts while males wear trousers. Men wear shoes, whereas women wear heels. But is it correct? Certainly not in our opinion. Furthermore, we do not feel that clothing and fashion should be gendered.

Guys, if you still believe in gendered clothing in 2020, you need to acquire a life. Duh! Come on, folks, clothes are only clothing, and anyone may wear anything they choose. As a result, ladies are seen wearing shirts and pants. You know, they get the look. They have a cool and trendy appearance.

Have you ever wondered how a man might look if he tried the same thing? Have you ever seen a guy with a miniskirt and stunning heels? If you haven’t already seen it, you will today. We’ve compiled a collection of 30 photographs of males explaining why dress limitations should not be based on gender.

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This amazing gentleman’s name is Mark Bryan, and he currently resides in Germany. He is a robotic engineer who always wears a skirt to work. “I dress this way because I can,” he explained. To be noticed. I’ve always admired women who wore high heels and tailored skirts. Not sexually, but in terms of the power they emanated. I don’t dress sexually, but rather professionally. Clothisexually, I prefer skirts. Because of the clothing, I can’t mix genders. I prefer a non-gendered appearance below the waist and a “masculine” appearance above the waist. Everything centers on the dress, regardless of gender.

When we questioned Mark about what had pushed him to build something unique and amazing, he answered, “All the fashion possibilities. Men’s pants are available in only four colors: black, gray, navy, and brown. Furthermore, there are no printed pants. Skirts can be embellished with reds, greens, brighter blues, floral designs, animal themes, and so on. The same is true with shoes, although there are many more heel options. You can also wear open-toed shoes when the weather is nice.

“I still feel the same; it’s just clothing,” she explained. When it’s cold or windy outside, it naturally feels different. For some reason, wearing heels makes me feel taller but also more confident. Perhaps having the inner strength to wear nonconforming clothing has given me the bravery and confidence to face my professional challenges.

Mark lives a conventional life and has been happily married for 11 years. “My wife constantly advises me on how I should dress. My child periodically requests that I lend him my shoes.

I weigh around 165 pounds and am 6 feet tall. My feet are similarly tiny to medium in size. In the United States, I am an 8.5, while in Europe, I am a 41. Because I have a 29′′ waist, I wear a size 8 skirt in the US or a 38 in Europe. I also go to the gym 1-2 times a week. As a result, finding apparel in my size is not difficult.

“I bought most of my heels online to try them at home. This way, I can have some shoe time while going up and down the stairs. When considering stilettos, consider how much they droop and how stable they are. I’ll also wear them for around 30 minutes of sitting. They return if they hurt soon away after being taken out of the box. The value of a well-fitting, comfortable shoe cannot be understated.

“My favorite stiletto is 5 inches tall. I like how they make me feel and how they make me look. Walking on uneven terrains, such as cobblestone paths or sidewalks with pavers with gaps big enough to swallow a stiletto heel, is my least favorite pastime.

“I almost always wear stiletto heels and pencil skirts. I don’t wear dresses because I like to show as a guy above the waist and non-gendered clothing below. My skirts should hit the knee, give or take a few inches. My normal heel height for a week is roughly 4 inches.

“Select someone with bright green hair. Green is not a common hair color. When you observe someone, your mind informs you that they have green hair. You think, “That’s strange or intriguing,” and then return to your prior work without further thought. When I wear a skirt and high heels, I get the same reaction.

If you’re talking about heels, I’d start with a low heel and work your way higher as your confidence improves. You can’t be afraid. Some people assault the vulnerable as if they were animals. By being confident, you may show the world that you are fearless and that no one can bother you. You are terrified of dread. Skirts? Do it right now. Though certainly not with high heels, skirts look far better on males than heels do.

“When we were both wearing heels, my ex-college girlfriend requested me to dance with her. We did this for more than a year. I got fairly good at moving and walking in heels. I’ve worn heels on occasion throughout the years, but never with skirts. In the last five years, I’ve only lately started wearing heels with skirts. I was informed that wearing a skirt with heels will make me seem more attractive than jeans and heels.

“I am old enough to remember when girls were not allowed to wear pants to school. Pants are no longer a gendered article of clothing. So, why are skirts and heels still considered feminine? Furthermore, males began wearing heels before women. Men wore heels before women, albeit probably not in the stiletto manner of today.

“I’m not doing this for sexual gratification. Men who adopt this appearance will not be identified as gay or queer. One of the most common assumptions guys have about me is that I am not a sissy. Before they even talk to me, they assume I am gay and a sissy. I’m just a typical guy that is happily married, heterosexual, and average. Porsche, I wish I could wear a skirt and heels every day since I like beautiful ladies.




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