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The Black Cat Appears To Be A Walking Shadow With Eyes

When it comes to black cats, the world has a bad awful attitude. Many civilizations and groups have associated these cats with ill luck and hardship. It has cast a harsh gaze on these felines, who have no relation to them.

Today, we bring you a rare black cat, which has the distinction of being one of the blackest cats you will ever see. Meet MeonJi, an attractive South Korean cat with a black fur coat. It is so dark that if you see it in the dark, you will only notice its eyes or a silhouette with two glittering eyes. He has proven to be a very adorable pet, gaining many hearts all across the world.

MeonJi is undeniably attractive, in addition to having a hilarious attitude.

Kim Aerin, MeonJi’s mother, described her daughter as “the blackest yet brightest cat.” MeonJi may look modest, but his quirky personality bursts through every day, from hiding in his cat bed to being nearly invisible in the dark.

Scroll down to see this kitty and continue reading the tale.

More info & Photo courtesy: MeonJi | YouTube

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