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The Dog Ran Away From An Illegal Meat Farm In Bali, We Care And Helped Find Her Home

Dog meat is still traded in Bali, although it is banned. Dog meat shops are illegal, yet they operate in the shadows.

In Bali, an innocent girl slipped down a gutter, famished and half dead. Her lips were taped shut, and her rear legs were bound with shoelaces. Mo, unlike many others, was seen to be fortunate. Little Mo is thought to have fallen off the butcher’s bike and crawled into a ditch, where he hid for two weeks.

Missionpawsible personnel transported her to the hospital, where she received prompt medical assistance.

The most difficult physical difficulty Moe had during her trauma and abuse was repairing her nose. The blood circulation had been cut off by the tape, and the flesh was withering. She was hurried to the operating room, where her nose was meticulously sutured together using skin grafts. The crew held their breath, not expecting such a serious procedure after what had occurred to her. Mo awoke and began wagging her tail.

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