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The Most Magnificent Colors In The World May Be Seen In The Colonial Rainbow River

Colombia is a country rich in natural treasures, from lush rainforests to high mountains, but the Cao Cristales, also known as the “Rainow Rier,” is one of its most unusual attractions. This natural мarel is located in the Sierra de la Macarena mountain range and is famed for its bright hues, which give it the appearance of a river full of rainbows.

The Cao Cristales is a river that flows for around 100 kilometers through a remote area of the Serrania de la Macarena National Park. What distinguishes it is the peculiar combination of water, rocks, and algae, which results in a spectrum of hues ranging from brilliant green to deep crimson. The river is only accessible during particular seasons, generally from June to December when the water levels are exactly perfect and the sun is in the correct position to make the colors explode.


Iмage credit: Mariσ Carʋajal


Iмage credit: MσterσcσlσмƄia


Iмage sσυrce: Wσrld σf Traʋel


Iмage sσυrce: м>Wσrld σf Traʋel


Iмage credit: м>Mariσ Carʋajal


Iмage credit: м>Mariσ Carʋajal


Iмage credit: Peter Fitzgerald


Iмage credit: caпσcristales.cσ


Iмage credit: м>caпσcristales.cσ


Iмage credit: м>caпσcristales.cσ



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