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This 76-Year-Old Joan McDonald’s Transformation Into A Bodybuilder

Joan MacDonald went to her doctor around three years ago and was advised that her health was fast worsening. She was on multiple drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux at the age of 70. Doctors advised her that unless she made dramatic lifestyle changes, her medication would have to be increased.

She realized that getting in shape is all about mind over matter. She then attempted many strategies to get free of her unpleasant lifestyle but felt helpless.

Winning does not give you strength.”

Your difficulties help you to build your strengths. When you face adversity and refuse to give up, you demonstrate strength.
Her transforming journey inspires millions of her Instagram followers. She fully changed her life, going from overweight to fit, getting off medications, and now motivating others by presenting Joan’s exercise regimen and nutrition.

Soon after, MacDonald began walking as a sort of aerobics, doing yoga, and even beginning weight lifting.

Today, MacDonald has shed more than 60 pounds, and her doctors have given her the all-clear. She also no longer has to take all of her blood pressure, acid reflux, and cholesterol meds. But getting here required a lot of hard effort, persistence, and patience. In MacDonald’s opinion, fitness emphasizes the necessity of inspiring yourself and others to work toward goals.

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