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Vera Wang Turns 74 Today and Reveals Her Secret to Youthful Looks: Sun Avoidance

Vera Wang, the legendary fashion designer celebrated for her stunning bridal gowns, turned 74 on June 27 and continues to look fantastic. In interviews with People and Elle, she shared some simple tips for maintaining her youthful appearance. However, Wang emphasizes that aging has never been her main focus.

Wang doesn’t quite understand the fascination with her looks and hopes it doesn’t overshadow her work. She believes that many of her Asian friends, ranging from 50 to 75 years old, also look amazing and that their secret lies in basic practices rather than magic potions or trendy treatments. Getting enough sleep is crucial for Wang, who prioritizes restorative and calming sleep for around nine hours per night.

The designer’s routine for staying young is straightforward: hard work, skin protection, and the occasional vodka cocktail. Wang believes that staying active and engaged keeps the mind young and affects overall well-being. She also stresses the importance of sun protection and good lighting.

Wang started her own company at the age of 40 after a successful career in the fashion industry. She is known for her elegant wedding dresses and has dressed numerous celebrities and public figures. In addition to bridal wear, she has ventured into other areas such as jewelry, fragrance, shoes, and eyewear.

Wang’s success and youthful appearance at her age serve as an inspiration, and she hopes it encourages women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Image credits: verawanggang

According to the fashion legend, it’s vital to get a cornucopia of sleep and to work hard

Her social media posts get a lot of attention, with internet druggies frequently opining on her great style and immature looks

Wang is best known for the matrimonial gowns she designs



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