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While She Was Battling A Brain Tumor, She Lost Her Hair. Then Her Son Create A Wig From His Own Hair

The love of mother and son is amazing. A mother is always proud of her son, not because he has achieved something, but because he has become her son.

This article is just an example to prove it.

Here, the mother-son duo Melanie and Matt shaha live in Arizona. The mother lost her after undergoing radiation treatment for a brain tumor. this respectable son grew out his own hair and trimmed it to construct a wig for his mother.

In 2003, a brain tumor of the pituitary gland was discovered in Melanie Shaha. Firstly, he expressed dull headaches. The National Cancer Institute said the pituitary gland is a small organ attached to the base of the brain. And she underwent surgery to remove the tumor and recurred from the tumor. It was an amazing one. The second operation is recommended in 2206 and radiation therapy was recommended for the third recurrence in 2017.

After that Melqnie shaha had a question that time. It was about her hair loss but doctors replied no to her question. But unfortunately, she lost her hair day by day and had a shed three months later. After that National Cancer Institute said that radiation can result in hair loss in the treated region.

She does not mind becoming ill and but she does not like how she appears. But she did not show her shock to the family members.

But once upon a day while having a meal together in 2018, her son made what started off as a joking suggestion. His son Matt, 27 years old said why do not grow out my hair to make a wig for you.

For the next two months and a half years, her son had grown his hair to a length of 12 inches. It was enough for a wig. His hair locks were closet to his mom’s in terms of color and texture. After a long time, then the time had come to cut it all. Son went to his mother’s home with a handful of his employees.

Compassionate Creation in Newport Beach, California got some of his hair. And they created a hand-tied wig for his mother. Matt has to pay $2000 for wig-making. It was given to the Melanie in June. She was amazing about the color. This must be appreciated.



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