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Wolf Abandoned By Its Mom Grows Up With Human Family, Acts Like A Dog

Many animals, such as dogs and cats, can be kept as pets. However, other individuals like keeping parrots, fish, cats, or even dogs.

You’ve probably heard of keeping a wolf as a pet. Kira was abandoned by her mother when she was three days old and might not have lived if Alida had not intervened.

Alida took in the wolf and reared and trained it like a dog to give her a second shot at life. Wolves are untamed and, like dogs, lack generations of domestication in their DNA, making taming them tough.

Alida had to work hard since she was more interested in new things. Kira wanted to meet a variety of people, including children, adults, and even other animals.

After much effort, she is now entirely tamed and will not harm a fly.

“Kira’s mother lived with a family but they couldn’t take care of her and she ended up in a kindergarten. She no longer trusts people. Kira was born in the same nursery.

“If you put them in the forest, there is a high chance of death. Because no one taught them to hunt. Kira’s mother left her cubs in the nursery when they were 3 days old, so she fed them by hand. Hurry up for Kira. Strong, I took her and gave them the first milk, I ate

“I took her from the nursery when she was 28 years old. She is intelligent but very stubborn. When making decisions, she focuses on herself, not me. From scratch, I started the process of socializing with her. She saw a large number of dogs, people, and children.

“We walked in different places and she was able to learn different smells and hear new sounds. Wolves have an innate neophobia, fearing everything new. This is a very difficult, long, and tiring process, but Keira needs to live with me in an urban environment and feel comfortable.

When Keira was 28 days old, Alida removed her from the nursery and proceeded to care for her, feed her, and teach her how to domesticate her.

There were also issues with rearing, but they all went away with age, and the work paid off – Keira has a steady and kind personality, does not respond to other dogs’ hostility, and does not provoke disputes. She is gentle with youngsters and will not approach them if they are terrified of her.

Alida made certain that she was not terrified of the contemporary world by taking her on several outings.

“On the street, people usually react with curiosity, ask to take photos, ask if it is dangerous to live with a wolf, and especially when there is a child at home (I have a 7-year-old son, Bogdan. )”

Kiera is now a completely tamed, happy dog who shares her home with a 7-year-old kid whom she adores.

Passers-by frequently inquire about Alida’s experience living with wolves.

“In real life, people usually respond because Kira is very friendly and doesn’t strike fear into people. But people write angry and stupid things on the internet. Especially after a series of reports about us, there were many reports that I was acting very stupid because we had a predatory animal in the house.




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