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Would You Like To Meet The Most Beautiful Twin Cats In The World

We are two blond twin sisters with multicolored eyes. Born 11.11.2015. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Some individuals and animals can boast that their eyes are amazing. Having heterochromatic eyes implies having distinct colored eyes. For example, one eye may be green or brown and the other blue, or one eye could have many colors.

Meet the world’s most adorable twin kitties. Iris and Abyss, these inseparable cats, have lovely heterochromatic eyes.

According to legend, persons or animals with distinct colored eyes may see into both realms – the living and the dead. I’m not sure whether that’s correct, but heterochromatic eyes are very lovely.

The Van cat is a unique domestic cat landrace found in the Lake Van area of eastern Turkey. It is huge, has a chalky white coat with reddish coloring on the head and hindquarters, and has blue or amber eyes or is odd-eyed (having one eye of each color). The variation has been dubbed “the swimming cat” and has been sighted swimming in Lake Van.

The naturally occurring Van cat type is widely thought to be the foundation of the Turkish Van breed, which has been standardized and recognized by many cat fancier organizations; it has been internationally selectively bred to consistently produce the ruddy head-and-tail coloring pattern on the white coat.

One thing is certain: their eyes are out of this world, and their white tint enhances the hues of their eyes. You’ll understand what I mean after looking at their photos.

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